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How can I update my card details for Auto-Replenishment?
How can I update my card details for Auto-Replenishment?
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Follow these step-by-step instructions to update your card details for Auto-Replenishment:

1. Login to your Account:

  • Start by logging into your account on our website. Use your username and password to access your account dashboard.

2. Navigate to ‘Order & Replenishments’:

  • Once logged in, locate the 'Order & Replenishments' section. This is typically found in the main navigation menu or on your account dashboard.

3. Select ‘Change Card’ to add a new payment method:

  • Within the 'Order & Replenishments' section, look for the option to 'Change Card.' Click on this option to initiate the process of adding a new payment method.

4. Enter Card Information:

  • Provide the required information for your new card. This includes the cardholder's name, card number, expiration date, and CVV.

5. Ensure the billing address associated with the card is correct:

  • Verify that the billing address entered for the new card is accurate. If it's different from your existing billing address, update it accordingly.

6. Select ‘Add new card’ to save the new payment method:

  • After entering the card details and verifying the billing address, look for the option to 'Add new card.' Click on this button to save the new payment method.

7. Select the card you have just added to link it to your Auto-replenishment profile and click 'Save changes’:

  • Locate the newly added card in the list of payment methods. Select this card to link it to your Auto-Replenishment profile. Once selected, click 'Save changes' to confirm and update your Auto-Replenishment preferences.

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