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What if I’d like to switch between products?
What if I’d like to switch between products?
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You can switch between products of the same size/category without having to cancel your order.

The Cream 50ml and The Rich Cream 50ml

The Cream 30ml and The Rich Cream 30ml or The Light Cream

The Serum Complete Set and The Serum Nomad Refill or The Retinol Serum

The Eye Cream Complete Set and The Eye Cream Nomad Refill

You can do so by visiting the ‘Manage Orders & Replenishments’ area, which can be navigated through The Club Lounge.

If you wish to switch between any of our other products, you will need to cancel your current Replenish order and start a new one. Again, this can be managed from within The Club Lounge.

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