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How do I redeem my referral offer?
How do I redeem my referral offer?
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If you have received a referral email from Augustinus Bader, you should click the link highlighted in the email. This will take you through to where you’ll be shown a pop-up containing your unique offer code.

Copy or save this code and close the pop-up.

To ensure your referral offer works correctly you’ll need to create a new online account before you reach the checkout. To do so, visit The Club page which is included as an option in the website’s menu, and follow the steps to create an account.

Once your account has been created, you’re free to shop as you usually would and when you’re ready, start the checkout process.

When you reach your online basket summary, enter your unique code in the box provided. Your referral offer will then be applied to the basket, and your basket total should update.

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